Sample Apology and Promise To Fans and Players

2022.01.17 02:01 PvtJohnTowle Sample Apology and Promise To Fans and Players

We are sorry and apologise for the issues we have caused and promise to do better in the future. We have a roadmap and plan to have an update in 2 weeks time to address the major issues. We promise to fix these and are set out below. Insert comprehensive list here
We are removing specialists and going back to classes and bringing back features that have been part of franchise since BF1942. This will happen within 30 days. We will make RUSH and TDM part of AOW permanently. We will make 64 player servers in AOW a permanent feature..You can choose a 64 or 128 player map going forward.
We will include all remastered maps from previous titles BFBC2, B3 and BF1942 into Portal over the coming weeks. You will also be able to use all these weapons from Portal in AOW BF2042.
Thank you for your patience and all your feedback and we are determined to win back your trust by keeping the above promises.
Kind Regards EA/DICE and Ripple Effect..
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2022.01.17 02:01 fearremains bruh

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2022.01.17 02:01 dr_magnesium Thinking about dropping my Spanish minor, even though it's been helping me learn Spanish.

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2022.01.17 02:01 Elegant_Luck1074 How to find a 1000X (mooning) gem in the crypto market Or How to assess potential of new ICO for beginners.

How to find a 1000X (mooning) gem in the crypto market Or How to assess potential of new ICO for beginners. There have been lots of rug pulls and rip-offs in the crypto market recently. Many newbies don’t know how to identify if the project is a rug pull and what are the characteristics you need to look for when you select a project?
Personally, I think these four following characteristics are the most important things you need to consider.
1, The contract is clean,no rug pulls or rat trading.
A lot of projects know how to do marketing or make the project look very appealing. Their website, Twitter, whitepaper and everything look too attractive. However, their contract is flawed. Technical expertise needed to assess the contract), LP is not locked .
2, Token Allocation/Top Holders
No big whale (as they can pump and dump the token easily).
3, The Dev deliver the application as promised
If you look at the tokens listed on Binance, only shib is a Meme coin, the rest of them have their own applications or valuable holds. Investing your money in functional crypto is very important. You might make some money out of Meme coins, but it all depends on luck.
Check if the tokenomics, applications and economic model of the project are well-designed.
You also need to observe if the Dev is working hard and focused on the applications, not just a smokescreen.
A gem must be well marketed. Publicity is one of the key elements for crypto to moon. A community that has a strong belief in the project and keep shilling/promoting the project is very important.
It is hard for crypto not to moon if it has the above characteristics. Moon will happen, it’s just a matter of when.
I have been searching for months, and finally found this gem called Thaicoin. It has many exciting things coming up.
It has a well-designed ecosystem that consists of five main sectors
  1. Decentralized Wallet 
  2. Meta Universe Horizon Studio 
  3. NFT, Game-fi 
  4. Binary Options 
  5. Blockchain Web3.0 
Here attaches the roadmap, now the 1.0 wallet has been launched.
Binance has just pricelised it, Binance would have evaluated project before listing it.
Well-designed ecosystem
Dev wallets are traceable
Search Thaicoinex to find out more about it, you will be attracted to it.
PS: only invest within your means, so you can hold it for longer and get the most gain out of it!
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2022.01.17 02:01 Nose-To-Tale What if you get the vaccine or booster not knowing(asymptomatic phase) you have an active infection simultaneously? (This question doesn't really apply to healthy vaccinated or naturally immunized folks from previous Covid who can just ride it out with mild symptoms.)

So Omicron is spreading like wildfire and many people who had their vaccines more than 6 months ago are thinking, better get the booster and when they do, they don't know that they currently have Covid Omicron from the person close by who sneezed or coughed and the symptoms hadn't showed up on the day of your shot. The vaccine spikes are just supposed to be a practice run to make antibodies and fight the virus when you haven't got the actual virus already rapidly replicating at super speed inside your body. Basically its a double whammy of spike proteins, from the virus and the vaccine.
How important is it to avoid this? Is it like getting hit with paint balls and real bullets at the same time?Will this make you sicker if you had the vaccine, say 2 weeks before catching Covid and your body had no time to prepare -especially if you have serious underlying conditions like breathing difficulty or obesity?
I was all set to get a booster and got coughed at by a store employee with a really bad chest congestion and had to take some drastic steps to disinfect myself. Short staffed medical facilities and businesses are making people without symptoms, or mildly sick, but knowingly positive, go to work or lose pay and spread this very infectious variant to everyone. I feel like once I get boostered, I need to be locked down until the vaccine had done what its supposed to before taking my chances with the real virus. My previous one shot J&J resulted in no antibodies against the spike when it should have been at its strongest based on the IgG and IgM Spike lab test (I had a bad feeling when I had zero side effects) and my doc said I have no neutralizing effect from that vaccine so get a booster ASAP - meanwhile local testing sites have closed due to staff shortage or takes a week or longer for results and home tests are sold out.
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2022.01.17 02:01 HeatStrokeJay Could anyone share their Japanese traditional half sleeve? From their elbow to wrist

I’ve never seen one but I’m considering getting a half sleeve and eventually finishing it wherever I get the money
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2022.01.17 02:01 amazinangry Sleep Ya' Donkey [3840 x 2160]

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2022.01.17 02:01 Gold-Gazelle4068 Sobre o meu amor

Mesmo nesse mar de problemas Te busco Em cinemas Festas e discos Apps e esquinas
No caminho colecionei feridas Sad songs no histórico Histórias que agora são relíquias Decepções resultadas do óbvio A sete chaves uma memória guardada
Mas enquanto durou foi linda A sensação de te ter O love song na caixinha Climatizava o ambiente Mudava o clima frio para quente
Na minha estante Lembranças em papel Recordando instantes Sem preocupações ou hora Sorrimos e choramos noites a fora
Tudo temporária Quem imaginaria Nós mesmos Daríamos fim a essa história Nós ou nossos erros
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2022.01.17 02:01 Huckleberry_icecream I feel like shit after I smoke…

I used to only smoke 2-3 days out of the week.. However, due to stress and everything else, I’ve started to smoke every day/ every other day. It never bothered me until recently. I smoke at night before bed wake up feeling tired, groggy, and shitty. Throughout the day I feel okay but I only feel better when I smoke again. It’s like a cycle. I’m trying not to be dependent on weed… But it is my fault for using it to cope with the stress and everything else from my day to day life…
Does anyone else ever get like this? Any suggestions on how to not feel this way?
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2022.01.17 02:01 MaskedEntity SWF kept camping this spot on RPD, it is literally not possible to get someone to a hook from here.

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2022.01.17 02:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: areoso

areoso translates to sandy
Thank you so much for being a member of our community!
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2022.01.17 02:01 tgrtlg8r Hotel bathroom sliding doors - yes or no? It seems hotels are trending toward room layouts that offer little to no bathroom privacy. Is this a design flaw?

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2022.01.17 02:01 CutTiny7823 😩

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2022.01.17 02:01 Much-Cupcake-3815 Anyone else not receiving SMS message/code to log in?

I am thankfully still logged in on my laptop but I mainly use OF on my phone, can't post pics/vids from my laptop, don't get notifications, and am not on my laptop very often. This is REALLY annoying. No answer from support either. I don't know what to do. I have always received the SMS code without an issue in the past, but I've now been locked out of my account for 2 days on my phone I am so aggravated with this ugggh
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2022.01.17 02:01 cutiepiedaily l

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2022.01.17 02:01 blackadamisbae Anybody else been watching the Twitch streams?

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2022.01.17 02:01 Strongearm Moment of silence for Ben....then time for some Minshew Magic in 2022!!!

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2022.01.17 02:01 Mythicaldeer12 Hehe yuumi go brrrrr

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2022.01.17 02:01 oohdachronic Over there, up in them trees. @Baldxben on Instagram. Long Island, NY

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2022.01.17 02:01 Nerdcuddles Flag of Anarcho-Socialism if they were in a postnuclear world and read old books from before that war

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2022.01.17 02:01 SirPancakeFace does anyone else think "Project X" is Xavier Wulf's best project?

Posting here because hollowsquad is dead.
I love Project X, it's easily my most listened to Wulf tape. Every track is so good and classic hollowsquad
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2022.01.17 02:01 AdministrativeDrop50 What we know about Dodge Charger 2022

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2022.01.17 02:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: sableca

sableca translates to sandy
Thank you so much for being a member of our community!
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2022.01.17 02:01 sirligmabollocks My mom and I have a “don’t tell (my brother)” list of dumb things we have done. What would be on your list?

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2022.01.17 02:01 demhouser Moving to Japan soon but I want to play on the NA servers

Pretty soon I'm going to land a position as an Eikawa (English) teacher in Japan, but the tiny problem is that I want to play lost ark on the North American server due to easier modes of communication, day 1 start with everyone else, and the ability to play with old friends from other games. I played on the JP server just to test out how severe the ping difference would be and it looks to be around170MS generally so I expect it to reflect similarly vice versa.
For those who played on either the RU/KJP servers from NA prior to the NA release, is it bearable or even possible to play with such a high ping raid/PvP wise? Is it better to just stick with the JP server since I'll be in Japan?
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