Not sure if rock fishing is allowed here. But this is my first land based harliquen fish. 39cm caught on a daiwa sea jigger sj305l.

2021.11.30 23:48 theduckfeeler Not sure if rock fishing is allowed here. But this is my first land based harliquen fish. 39cm caught on a daiwa sea jigger sj305l.

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2021.11.30 23:48 Secretmindset Parents that have guns in their home what are you doing to keep them out of reach of kids?

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2021.11.30 23:48 JungleHiker Northern Indiana checking in!

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2021.11.30 23:48 PedanticPendant Full company-wide email sent by Elon on the Raptor production crisis

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2021.11.30 23:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.11.30 23:48 shizaitseliza At what age do you consider someone to be old?

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2021.11.30 23:48 RedheadFromOutrSpace Gray says hello

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2021.11.30 23:48 askanison1234 Soundtrack pickups

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2021.11.30 23:48 appleguy3271 Is it possible to hide the fact that you are taking an MAOI?

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2021.11.30 23:48 MichaelTen Please Ask Your Favorite Influencers to Support SENS Research Foundation

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2021.11.30 23:48 jnnavlla untitled, white pencil on canvas

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2021.11.30 23:48 TheGza1 Estádio do Pacaembu terá hotel com 50 quartos onde ficava o tobogã - 30/11/2021 - Cotidiano - Folha

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2021.11.30 23:48 FatOrc051 Dragons in Urban Fantasy (Revised)

This is a revision of a much older post I had discussing an idea for dragons in an old urban fantasy setting. I’ve made quite a few changes and I would like to share this newly revised idea for my version of urban fantasy dragons. I would really like to thank commenter U/Michelle-Virinam for their advice on the original post, it meant a lot and really helped in polishing this idea out.
Dragons are one of many supernatural beings who’s existence has been, rediscovered after 2013 when the masquerade fell apart. Dragons are one of the most powerful and ancient of supernaturals, having ruled the skies long before humanity arose and will happily boast about this to any human (un)fortunate enough to meet one.
In their true forms dragons are enormous, winged reptilian beast, adult dragons being well over 30+ feet long and for many even bigger. They follow the western style dragon anatomy of four legs and two wings, the front legs double as arms with hand-like talons. Biologically scientists have classed them as Para-reptiles, as despite have a reptilian biology and origin their not true reptiles and are instead their own class of life. Dragons are covered in scales and for some species feather-like pycnofibers on segments of their body. Their warm blooded unlike true reptiles. Dragons are also hermaphrodites, changing sex as they will. Dragons can shapeshift into a human form and have a-lot of freedom over their appearance, things like race or gender being irrelevant to them. The only indicators that their a dragon in human guise is a single small scale that is always present on them, usually on their back. They also give off an extremely intimidating aura, feeling like one is in the presence of a large predator (because you are).
Their are four known sub-species of true dragon.
-European Dragons: Your typical western dragon. Their the most greedy and cunning of dragons, as well as one of the most widespread. Found globally but are most common in Europe, Russia and N. America.
-Asian Dragons: Typical Eastern dragon, but with partially feathered wings. Their the longest of all dragons as well as the calmest in temperament. Their very reasonable and observant but just as dangerous as the rest of their kind. Found globally but are most common in China, Japan and south east Asia.
-American Dragons: Very snake-like in appearance with vibrant, colorful feathers on their head, tail and wings. Their the smallest of all dragons and also one of the most temperamental. Found mostly in central and S. America, with small populations in the southern United States.
-African Dragons: Large, sandy colored with a great, cobra-like hood around their neck and small, partially feathered wings. Their the rarest and most animalistic of the dragons, being very brutish and isolationist even by dragon standards. Found mostly in north and west Africa, with small pockets scattered throughout the continent.
Dragons are some of the most powerful supernaturals still alive and boy do they like to show off this fact. Dragons are very strong and tough, a dragons tail swipe can crack a telephone pole and their jaws can easily crush a car. Their tough hide and high tolerance for pain allows them to survive and shrug off most attacks, even gunshots from anything short of .50 caliber don’t bother them to much. Dragons also have potent magical abilities, such as magically supported flight, spell casting, shapeshifting, and their infamous fire breath. A dragons fire breath is known as “dragons fire” an arcane flame that only dragons can produce, having many magical properties to it. Individual dragon sub species also have more specialized powers such as Asian dragons power to sense the weather. Dragons horde precious metals and gemstones not just out of greed but to actually fuel their magical abilities. Dragons need lots of magic to fuel their abilities and they rely on precious metals and gemstones as source of power since their really good conduits for magical power. Dragons grow stronger the bigger their horde and a dragon starved of treasure will grow weak, lose its magical abilities and eventually die.
Dragons are absolutely ruthless creatures, exhibiting a species wide case of narcissistic psychopathy. Dragon brains are wired differently then those of humans or other sapient beings on a fundamental level, evolving sapience to better compete against each other rather then help one another. Dragons are generally overly prideful, ambitious, extremely greedy, and utterly ruthless with a great sense of business. Nobody is more important to a dragon then themselves, seeing all other creatures as food, pawns or rivals and only these three things. “Benevolence” with dragons simply means they won’t instantly try to eat or betray you. Dragon culture is very ruthless, individualist and violent with might makes right as a core principle, dragons respect power and only power and their is no room for weakness in dragon society. Scheming, spying, deal making, betrayal, assassination and power plays are all just daily parts of dragon life as they compete fiercely against one another. In place of family names dragons take titles, recounting great accomplishment’s of theirs. Dragons do not get along with each other at all! Only gathering to mate or establish treaties, It’s considered extremely taboo for an adult dragon to seek another dragons aid for anything, as it’s considered a sign of weakness. Dragons will only consider working together in desperate circumstances or if theirs something substantial to be gained from a potential partnership, even then they’ll be plotting against each other and tripping over one another’s egos. A dragons two most prized possessions are their horde and ego, these being a source of power and status and their is no length dragons are unwilling to go to protect these, or the avenge them if defiled. Even their lifecycle is unforgiving as dragons do not mate for love and find the concept of romance utterly nonsensical. Dragons hatch into this world very independent, already having a name and the necessary knowledge to fend for themselves. Of the clutch’s of up to 50 eggs dragons produce, only one ever survives to adulthood.
Dragons are able to produce hybrid draconic creatures from humanoids, these being called “dragon bloods”. Dragon bloods are not born, but made, created from a magic ritual involving the dragons blood. Since this ritual is rather costly only a dragons most loyal/useful servants are turned into dragon bloods. Dragon bloods gain a draconic form, looking like a scaly humanoid with dragon eyes, a fraction of their dragons power and lifespan. They are sterile and bound to the dragon that created them, being magically compelled to serve their dragon master in furthering their goals. Dragons and their dragon blood minions are responsible for the lizard men run the government conspiracy in this world.
Dragons where driven into hiding like all supernaturals due to creation of the huntsmen and the rise of the Wardens of Humanity, a violent, genocidally anti-magic organization that sought the destruction of all magical creatures. While dragons may have once scoffed at the idea that’s humans could ever pose a significant threat to them and actually laughed at and willing droves huntsmen towards their rivals it’s only when dragons started dying at alarming rates they started to grow concerned. It took a lot, ALOT of convincing by the GSC for dragons to join the masquerade and agree to hide themselves from humanity, for as humiliating as the concept was to dragon kind. While dragons originally hated the masquerade, they soon became its biggest supporters after finding out about the obscene levels of wealth and influence they could obtain by masquerading as humans, more so then they ever did before and found multi-million dollar mansions and private islands to be much more comfortable and befitting lairs then their traditional mountain caves. Dragons are found all over high society, they took to the world of human politics and business like a duck takes to water, with many high level business men and politicians actually being dragons. They blended in perfectly among humanity financial elite, where startling levels of greed/egotism and a worrying lack of ethics are the norm. Nobody questions why a CEO has a giant room in his mansion dedicated entirely to a giant pile of gold and diamonds or when people that threaten to report his unethical practices mysteriously goes missing. During the masquerade dragons where the GSC’s “generous” benefactors, being one of their biggest financial supporters and with their wealth and influence dragons could easily make both problems and people disappear. This came at a steep cost though as the GSC was also bound to serve them as part of the deals the GSC made to get dragon-kind to join them, forced to participate in whatever eccentric schemes the dragons want done and give dragon kind a lot of special privileges and exemptions from a lot the GSC’s laws. Post Masquerade dragons are still enjoying the high life, more so then any other supernatural as they now more openly rule over their companies and brutally murdering their biggest rivals, just more openly and in their true forms rather then their human guise. Even the most violently anti-supernaturals countries grant dragons special exemption from anti-supernatural policies out of pure fear.
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2021.11.30 23:48 HistorianEffective10 🤎👀

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2021.11.30 23:48 Glizzyator3000 Do we have any upcoming news from amp apart from the partnership with GME/LRC ?

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2021.11.30 23:48 caune1234 31m

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2021.11.30 23:48 Altruistic-Invite969 This has got to be the driest sgs on ironman mode if not ever, please release me

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2021.11.30 23:48 FloydMCD Large petrol stations in Spain will have to offer EV Charging from 2023

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2021.11.30 23:48 Anarcho_Humanist [Everyone] Why is the socialist movement so male-dominated?

If I think of socialist icons that everyone knows (ie Lenin, Mao, Kropotkin, Chomsky, Stalin, Castro, Che, Ho Chi Minh, Nasser and Gaddafi) they are pretty much all men. In fact, all but 5 of the 149 listed heads of state of socialist countries were men. Examples:

I can't really be bothered looking for more but I think you get the idea
That's not to say there haven't been female socialists as heads of state (examples: Yevgenia Bosch of Ukraine, Khertek Anchimaa-Toka of Tuva, Sukhbaataryn Yanjmaa of Mongolia, Soong Ching-ling of China and Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh in Vietnam) and other left-leaning women can be seen examples of early female heads of state (examples: Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, Indira Gandhi of India, Golda Meir of Israel and Isabel Perón of Argentina - whether or not these women were left-leaning is not a debate I plan on responding to). Or significant theoretical contributors to the socialist movement like Rosa Luxemburg or Emma Goldman, + socialist organisers who were women.
But I think there's a clear trend towards male dominance in the socialist movement. Why is this? Especially since socialist states have instituted legal gender equality consistently and well before more liberal capitalist states did.
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2021.11.30 23:48 MichaelTen Please Ask Your Favorite Influencers to Support SENS Research Foundation

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2021.11.30 23:48 reallyhatesyou Not another tech sales BDR question…

But yeah, I’m currently working at a paid media digital marketing agency and I am not analytic. My favorite part of the job is speaking with clients and presenting, sometime I get to work in Adobe and I love that too. I enjoy social media/copywriting a good bit but maybe more of a hobby.
Did an interview for a BDR role with 50k base and ~80k OTE. The HR manager said there is a good work/life balance, I was transparent about mine being bad and working 70 hours a week. I’m interested in tech sales because I’m fairly outgoing and bubbly and love the idea of having this unlimited potential based on my personality. I’ve work retail commission before. He said it can be very stressful but isn’t hard.
So, give it to me straight. How can I ensure I find a good fit for myself and if tech sales is for me? How is it day to day making these calls? What the the red flags? How bad is the stress and pressure? I’m considering asking if I can come into the office/shadow in my virtual interview. Even if I don’t get the offer, I really wanna see what tech sales is like.
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2021.11.30 23:48 SomeRandom_Kid221 Hey sorry I just started playing, but does anyone know how to change your pets name?

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2021.11.30 23:48 OilyChili Warrior leveling weapons

Hey y’all, I’m leveling my orc warrior and I have the Blessed Qiraji war axe and Dooms Edge combo. Do you think that will last me to 70 or can I find something better in a green or something on the AH?
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2021.11.30 23:48 Rainbow_Dash_RL It's perfectly fine for adults to enjoy cartoons and anime meant for a younger audience

Cartoons fall into the category of things that are supposed to be outgrown, in favor of accepted adult hobbies. However there's absolutely nothing wrong with watching a cartoon or movie that you aren't the target demographic for.
Most likely there's a common belief that all media meant for children must be vapid and completely without merit, which would make watching cartoons very strange indeed.
In general, I like to watch shows that I do consider to have great story, characters and writing, humor, and possibly some good battles depending on the genre. I wouldn't finish watching something that I do consider shallow and lazy, except for nostalgia.
Another thing that I think is often misunderstood is that not all cartoons and anime are for kids. There are adult series with all kinds of mature content, including ones with so much graphic violence and disturbing content that I can't watch them (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, because I love dogs).
Lately I've been watching back through Justice League Unlimited, Ben 10, and Gravity Falls. Each of these shows are in genres I love and they all are really well written and developed. I see no reason why anyone should care about my hobbies so long as they aren't destructive or obstructive to my quality of life, and enjoying cartoons after work is not.
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2021.11.30 23:48 AboutJuice Do things eventually workout and get better? (vent)

I'm only M17 and I've always known about my autism diagnosis. I have a lot a trouble with finding friends who dont care about my traits; I don't have any anxiety meeting or talking to people, not even presentations. I could literally twerk in front of my class and I wouldn't care. It's just that my traits make new friendships and relationships work at all.
I have like 3 or 2 friends that I talk to, but it's only to send memes occasionally or just talk about the same niche topic. I'm not close enough to them to where they would talk to me about normal people stuff and I'm not really interested in doing that since I barely relate to them lol.
I'm just wondering if things will work out because I like socializing a lot, but the people I start to attract or talk to always want to talk to me at first, but I start to feel off-putting to them and then they avoid me by ignoring me and spreading rumors to other people that make them avoid me (like ive been called a school shooter so many times, I don't even talk to any of you why would I hate you??).
It's been making me severely depressed and suicidal since It's been going on since middle school, along with the fact I've been bullied during this time for my traits and my race and everything about myself.
Everyday is the same monotonous routine and If this continues, I wouldn't be surprised if I do end up committing after highschool. I don't really value my life at all and it kinda cheers me up when I think about suicide. I honestly hate that because I know I enjoy doing a lot of things, but socializing and connecting with someone is at the top of that list and it's never fulfilled.
I've tried therapy, but they always just talk to you non stop about how you should frame your thinking and it's nothing new to me, nor does it help
I've still been working towards getting better though, like I'm pretty proud that I don't really care what people think of me anymore and I've just been starting conversations more. I've also blocked out negative things in my life and self deprecation along with starting to love myself. I've really just been doing this because I'm probably not going to have anyone in my life for years. If I never do, I'll hopefully find happiness within myself and not rely on others for that.

Don't feel obligated to respond to the vent, you can just answer the title if you want lol. It just feels good to express my thoughts.
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