who was ostracized from society because of a peasant who thought that his title was too pompous?

2021.10.18 00:11 youdontknowmeyou who was ostracized from society because of a peasant who thought that his title was too pompous?

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2021.10.18 00:11 Zyl143 [PS4] + Crossplay

Hey guys, I'm lonely and actually just wanna kick off with some guys to play with
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2021.10.18 00:11 BadProfessional327 Like seriously, what was she thinking?

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2021.10.18 00:11 Natemiller Your Song Cover (feedback welcome)

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2021.10.18 00:11 steamboyee For all the og’s of Skyrim how in gods name do I pass this level(puzzle)?

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2021.10.18 00:11 TheJerseyBreeze [SPB143] Doing some diving

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2021.10.18 00:11 LootyBootyGaming Speculation on different editions???

Kinda premature about this since we don’t know much on the game buuuuuuut……. What do you guys hope to see if we do get a collector’s edition?
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2021.10.18 00:11 Otontin Creek in Little Rock

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2021.10.18 00:11 QueenFan05 How is possible that most people prefer Copper Golem but also most people prefer Allay?

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2021.10.18 00:11 Wow_Space Hytale

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2021.10.18 00:11 not_a_throwaway10101 LOS 18.1 painfully laggy on LG G3 D855

Title says it all. I did a full wipe in twrp so idk why its this slow. Any ideas?
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2021.10.18 00:11 rustynutz48 Holly got her a good one.

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2021.10.18 00:11 -KFK- He talked to me!

on friday i was sitting in front of the school reading while waiting for my dad to pick me up from practice and his practice was getting out. he was walking with his friend and when he saw me he(I'm pretty sure it was him) yelled "what book are you reading" (we were kinda far apart) i looked at my book and responded "uh, the girl who loved tom gordon". he actually paid enough attention to me to tell that i was reading.
when he was walking past he kept looking at me. It was really cute cause when he was getting into the truck of whoever was picking him up he had to kinda jump to get in(he's taller than me but i still thought this was cute).
thats all.
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2021.10.18 00:11 fobmanx We can't keep bringing knives to gun fights and expect to win

The NFL is a different game now. I'll go as far as to say its not even a team sport anymore, its almost an individual sport. Its all about the QB. The QB matters so much more than every other position and its really not even remotely close.
Look around the league. The teams with the best records all have the best QBs. The only exception might be the Chiefs at 3-3 with Mahomes but they've made the last two Super Bowls and you know they're gonna get a win streak going. They don't necessarily have All Pros at every other position. The Chiefs D sucks. The Ravens have like 20 guys on IR. The Chargers are dead last in run D. And the list goes on and on.
These QBs that are winning are studs. They're thoroughbreds. They're absolute super weapons. Brady is the exception physically but mentally he is so far above and beyond everyone else its incomparable. They're big, strong, athletic, accurate playmakers.
We need to get someone like that. We can't keep settling for mediocre retreads like Alex Smith or garbage tier old prospects like Taylor Heinicke. Even if we draft a guy we can't settle for a mediocre prospect like Dewey Haskins, or Patrick Ramsey/Jason Campbell. Even though the RG3 trade ultimately didn't work out, you saw the benefits of that first year. The rest of the team was mostly garbage but that elite level QB got us 10 wins.
We're trying to build this team like its still the 80s or early 90s. You can't build up a defense first because defense is basically outlawed from the game. Having four first rounders on your DL is pointless when QBs get rid of the ball in under 3 seconds and half the time your DL hits the QB its a penalty anyway, on top of that the best DL don't even win but like a third of the time.
As shit as our D has been, if our QB this year was even someone of Kirk Cousins caliber we're probably 4-2. The difference in today's game was our QB was Taylor Heinicke, their QB was Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes won that game in the 2nd half. In fairness to Heinicke he was great in our wins against the Giants and Falcons, but he's just not a guy who is gonna do that consistently. This isn't a Heinicke hate post, I'm pretty much okay with what he's done thus far considering the pedigree. Both our wins are because of him and we should be grateful for that but I'm looking at the long term: 3 years, 5 years, 10 years etc. He isn't the answer.
Its time for us to join the rest of the NFL. Go out and find our stud thoroughbred QB. Draft a guy and commit to his development. If he doesn't pan out, start over again in 2-3 years. Keep trying until you get it right. Everything else is irrelevant.
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2021.10.18 00:11 TheFoxyGamer183 What's the best stuff for a Myers build to be a totally terrorizing killer?

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2021.10.18 00:11 DryApricot7098 Potation to make a throw on the run feature

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2021.10.18 00:11 happycatjake Best Supplements/Hornbooks/Online Resources for CivPro, Torts, Contracts??

Any suggestions are appreciated! Feeling overwhelmed!
Civ Pro- Erichson and Glover
Torts- Prosser, Wade, and Schwartz 14th edition
Contracts- Frier and White- 4th edition
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2021.10.18 00:11 AffectionateUse1556 Not too hot

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2021.10.18 00:11 MyOpinionIsIgnorant hnngg baby

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2021.10.18 00:11 Danielmoran8 HAZE 1’s

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2021.10.18 00:11 chrischris1541 Old watch faces?

On apple website they used to have like three watch faces you could add to your watch face collection and I can’t find them now. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?
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2021.10.18 00:11 No_Sentence_8357 207... A Gorilla Tag Hacker

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2021.10.18 00:11 Nintendocat64 I DID IT!! I CAME OUT

So yesterday I said I planned to come out to my parents about my sexuality! AND I DID IT!!! I TOLD THEM IM BI!!! I CAME OUT!!!
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2021.10.18 00:11 falselyimage i think the word is

sometimes i find myself constructing narratives and failing to see things as they actually are. a cloud of uncertainty follows me
as i project on people, i am also projected upon
sometimes i find myself ignoring the truth, and following someone else’s story. the process is dreadfully uncomfortable. i feel compelled to make mistakes. i find myself concerned with responsibility.
i take on different shapes in different circumstances. some of the shapes displease me
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2021.10.18 00:11 bug-catcher-ben Posted earlier, but what are these beauties? Edible? There were hundreds!

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