Dropped [Infiniti Q50S] from the Quals and [Aston Martin V8 Vantage '05] from German YB 7. Either good? If yes, what tune?

2021.10.17 23:17 Thewikiawriter12 Dropped [Infiniti Q50S] from the Quals and [Aston Martin V8 Vantage '05] from German YB 7. Either good? If yes, what tune?

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2021.10.17 23:17 laxxback Please hear me out try not to ruin the gift we received

Ok, so people are really upset because of the server issues right now and this is probably going to get deleted or down-voted right away because of it. But due the louder and louder screaming in this subreddit, I am really getting worried for the great game that Diablo 2 is. So please hear me out.
I would like to establish that in theory Diablo 2 Resurrected is exactly what everyone hoped it to be in the beginning. Am I not right? It is the old game of Diablo 2, with some minor quality of life changes and stunning (!) new graphics. We all know what happened with Warcraft 3 and we were not treated that bad with D2R. Now, I want to list a few things that are brought up again and again and I fear that Blizzard is in a vulnerable state right now where they might actually listed to some of the bullshit being posted here out of shear panic of messing up (again).
Statement 1: We don't want the game to change drastically and so far it did not. It is the same great game and everyone is having a blast! I (and many others) played many hours already and I (we) can't get enough. Answer: I couldn't agree more, it's crazy how much fun this game is without any big changes.
Statement 2: Blizzard is stupid for messing up the servers. They can't run a 20 year old game, WTF. Answer: They used old code to fulfill statement 1, which is exactly what we all wanted, to not change the core game. There was a method that we used back in the day to trick the server in not kicking AFK players if there was a hot IP for the world event. It still works today and that means they did a really great job it staying true to that goal. So just STFU and let them try to handle that 20 year old code for a new player base that was much much larger than ever anticipated. I also hate that I have to wait in queue for 30+ minutes but come on, what is wrong with you? Just wait a month and come back if you cannot handle it right now.
Statement 3: VV is lazy because they used old code instead of making new code that could handle more players. Answer: Read Statement/Answer 2. Again, they did that to make the game as close to the original as possible. Thank you VV! I can't thank you enough. When D3 was released I just wished they had made another expansion set for D2 instead. This is more than I ever could have hoped for.
Statement 4: We need players 8 on Battle.net because we can't get enough loot. Answer: What do you think why you have so much fun playing the game? Use your brain! It is because you can find some expensive items if you try really hard (i.e., if you spend much time doing MF). If they don't match your build (most likely), you can trade them with other players. It is fun and interactive! The only reason someone wants players 8 in a solo Bnet game is because they are lazy shits and too cheap to buy gear for real money on d2jsp (I don't support that but it exists for a reason). The only effect of actually having solo players 8 on Bnet would be that the economy of D2 would get ruined---an essential and fun part of the game experience! Back in the day you could get a fully (!) geared character basically for free due to excessive botting. What's the fun in that? Do you want that back? NB: The reason players 8 exists in singleplayer is because you cannot trade items there!
Statement 5: We need individual loot per player. Answer: Let's assume that would be the case. So you get 1/8th of all drops in a players 8 game. The you complain that you get only so little loot, you need the same amount as before but just for you. Ok, so then everyone gets players 1 default loot in a players 8 game. Would that be ok? No? Players 8 loot for everyone? Maybe players 16? Ok, nice, you ruined the economy again. Seriously, what is so hard in farming with friends or just solo if you really want to do some MF. Everyone knows that public games (e.g., Baal runs) are not for finding loot. Two modes: 1. MF/Loot and 2. Leveling. It is not that hard to understand... Although, it feels really good if you get lucky in a public game and happen to panic click at the right item after the kill. ;) NB: If you really want individual loot just play Diablo 3. It's a really great game and it's there for you and made for people just like yourself specifically. /s
Statement 6: We need TCP/IP right now. Answer: The reason for not having TCP/IP is that it is the easiest way to implement basically undetectable botting in the game. (Source: I have been helping developing a D2 bot back in the day out of curiosity, it was actually fun and worked as a network proxy on any other PC in your home). So my assumption is that they want to not publish it before they figured out a way to prevent exactly that. But they also promised that they will support modding. Why not believe them and ask politely for some updates every once in a while? Let them fix the servers and clients first and get TCP/IP later.
Speaking of economy, I fear that it might already have been altered in a bad way. The fact that

will probably ruin the economy in the long run. We have a much larger (global) supply (not taking bots into account) and everyone will get more and more items that never get removed from the game. As ladder-only rune words are not a thing any more, there is little to no incentive to start a fresh ladder character every once in a while and thus, there is no reason to keep farming after one is fully geared on all characters. The primary motivation for ladder characters (ladder rushing) is for a very few people and I for one don't have enough time and D2 friends to really compete there. We will see what the effects of this are
Closing words: Yes I also think we need more room to store stuff (I really like the idea of stackable items in a special tab of the chest, and only there). And yes, I also want stable servers NOW. But let's just not forget that the game we enjoy so much is exactly that, the game we enjoy so much. Let's not ask for changes that we will regret! And let's think twice before asking for any changes at all! Let's not ruin this, please.
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2021.10.17 23:17 Limp_Fix9627 just imagine - blind box drop with randomly generated Marvel characters consist of various attributes

Headmask of Spiderman with Loki's helmet, body of Groot, Mjolmir on the back and Black Widow's ass
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2021.10.17 23:17 Bobowo12 is it just me or does Aragami's 1 DLC feels lighty clunkier than the base game?

It might be just me.
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2021.10.17 23:17 j_pz7 Giratina on me appear online for invite 9383 6035 6384

join quick
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2021.10.17 23:17 eddieknj who's getting out of the game, and who's getting deeper in?

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2021.10.17 23:17 srry_didnt_hear_you [Wood] Aaron Rodgers might have just presented some news on LT David Bakhtiari, who is eligible to be activated off PUP this week: “Dave’s coming back this week to practice, hopefully.” Bskhtiari’s return will be huge, of course.

[Wood] Aaron Rodgers might have just presented some news on LT David Bakhtiari, who is eligible to be activated off PUP this week: “Dave’s coming back this week to practice, hopefully.” Bskhtiari’s return will be huge, of course. submitted by srry_didnt_hear_you to GreenBayPackers [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 23:17 t2thev Command Line Configuration

I'm trying to get some games to run through the Steam interface. I want to set multiple configs for different games via the command line.
In testing, it seems that the launcher will only process the first config. I don't know the formatting for multiple settings. I also don't want different user folders because that would mean more space and different save locations per game.
Wondering if there is a way to do multiple configs via command line.
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2021.10.17 23:17 V-id Bose Sleepbuds II - €189.90 on Amazon.de

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2021.10.17 23:17 Unlucky-Net-5424 today ppl I made it 49 years 2 plus years no hard drugs I have battled a.d.d and addiction my entire life I'm Michael russakoff on YouTube fellow likeminders

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2021.10.17 23:17 BotDefense overview for xedorehai47

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2021.10.17 23:17 Primal_Oat Why does this girl I’m texting keep talking about soup???

There’s this girl I’ve been texting recently and for whatever reason she keeps texting me about soup?? Like at the end of a conversation she’ll just text “good soup” what does it mean?
Like, she is obsessed with soup, she won’t shut up about it. It’s always “soup this” or “soup that” WTF IS SHE TALKING ABOUT????? Am I missing something???
I keep searching through different pages of Google “what does it mean when a girl texts you about soup?” “why does she text me about soup?” I’m losing my mind here!
I know this seems weird but I’m completely serious, this is not a joke. What do I do? Thanks.
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2021.10.17 23:17 CarmineLotus [H] Paypal [W] 300 TF2 Keys 1.6$

b/o 1.6$ looking for up to 300 keys can also trade dota items for them
willing to send first to reputable members
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2021.10.17 23:17 Oskan_Mystery For the ones who were wondering, yes, your device is spying on you (also those are some emojies I made)

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2021.10.17 23:17 sausage166 What team should I support?

I’m from Liverpool, England and I would like to start following basketball. I support LFC in the premier league and I would like to follow a similar team in the NBA, which has a passionate fan base and a rich history. I’m not bothered if they aren’t the best, I just want a team which I could relate to and be passionate about. I would also prefer to support a team that has an ‘attacking’ play style and isn’t boring (I don’t know if this is relative to basketball as I don’t know about different styles).
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2021.10.17 23:17 popcornboiii Trump HUMILIATED During Live Interview

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2021.10.17 23:17 TobyNeko01 "I-I never did talk to Miaya much, since we were from different branches and such, o-one day I hope to chat with her...a-as friends"

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2021.10.17 23:17 Raz0rRamon Retro Rumble inside the new Blue World Order arena! Can Blue Meanie survive?! | RetroMania Wrestling

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2021.10.17 23:17 Cho_Cho_San Sneak Peek: New cover for V2 (still working on it)

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2021.10.17 23:17 salazar_0333_2 Requesting r/Catholique - mod seems inactive

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2021.10.17 23:17 imnotjavier Pink car

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2021.10.17 23:17 qumana mr moose cuts his hair

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2021.10.17 23:17 Yamazonia Has he always been there?

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2021.10.17 23:17 entre16 chance a CS premed - Brown PLME, Ivys, UCs

Hey!! I'm a current IB student junio11th grader seeking some honest feedback. Thank you so much.
1 ) Can you guys chance me for each of my 3 school "categories": 1) PLME 2) Ivys/Stanford 3) UCs but emph on UCLA
2) I'm worried I don't have enough CS experience or ECs and that my ECs are all (except my internship at a telehealth company, see below) too medical focused (which, although, is a good thing for PLME). I'm genuinely interested in the intersection between CS/tech and medicine, and how we can apply innovation in cs to solving health issues.
3) Do you know if applying to CS majors without extensive CS internships/clubs/experience hurts my app
Demographics: F, South Asian, CA, large public hs, not a legacy or first gen, middle to upper-middle class
Intended Major(s): Computer Science as a Pre-Med
ACT/SAT/SAT II: Haven't taken yet, sorry :(
UW/W GPA and Rank: UW: 4.0, Weighted 9th grade: 4.67, Weighted 10th grade: 4.78. I don't have gpa for 11th yet but have all A's in my 6 AP/IB classes rn.
Coursework: At my school, in the IB program we take APs as "electives". I have taken all IB classes throughout high school, with APs mixed in there too. Currently taking 4 IB classes, 2 AP.
So far the only exams I have taken are: 5 on AP World History, 4 on AP Computer Science
Awards: Regal Honor Roll, AP Scholar, National Finalist for FBLA, 3rd in State for FBLA, 1st at section for FBLA. I know, a lot of FBLA :(
I **plan** to secure a research internship at either a university or a hospital for the summer between 11th and 12th grade. Currently:
- Founder of a nonprofit that promotes advocacy for seniors and holds product drives for underfunded nursing homes; I will **soon** also lobby with my county's legislative council and speak at my city's town hall with the mayor regarding nursing home reform. Nursing home/healthcare system reform & elderly rights are truly a passion of mine, esp after having firsthand seen inhumane abuse of old people at nursing homes
- Independent research/Science Fair, my advisor being my IB Bio teacher, who is a PhD. It's being undertaken currently. I hope to submit soon and get published to journals.
- Intern to the CEO of a telehealthcare startup (blends my cs/medicine interests)
- Shadowing intern to an Immunologist (a physician)
- Hospice volunteer at a nursing home
- Future Business Leaders of America Vice Pres
- Treasurer and cofounder of a women's health advocacy/volunteering club at my school
- Secretary of Scholarship Federation at my school
- Podcast co-host with my friends (on Apple podcasts, Spotify, etc). We talk about POC/diverse books and basically rant and gush about a different book each episode LOL
- IB requires 150 hours of community service and creativity
Essays/LORs/Other: haven't started on college apps yet ofc, but I have a great relationship w/ my IB English, AP Physics, and AP Calculus teachers so I know they'd give great letters of rec.
Schools: Brown PLME, Stanford, Ivys (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia), UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCI, UCSD, USC
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2021.10.17 23:17 TheLastUpvote average bajs

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