Major Bug found in EOTC DLC location. Anybody experienced this? Very interesting and amusing bug.

2021.10.17 23:11 MeaningStructureFlow Major Bug found in EOTC DLC location. Anybody experienced this? Very interesting and amusing bug.

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2021.10.17 23:11 Scottishggg Scotland beat Bangladesh in shock upset at T20 World Cup

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2021.10.17 23:11 utubebond The World’s First Generative Art NFT & P2E Project in Space!

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2021.10.17 23:11 GenericVideoBot Back 4 Blood Ending is Crazy!

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2021.10.17 23:11 Morr13ison Boobies

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2021.10.17 23:11 No-Soup4503 Did Arnelle have a good relationship with Nicole?

Sounds weird to just randomly ask lol but I just wanted to know. Obviously Nic would go out with Jason and all that but what about Arnelle?
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2021.10.17 23:11 dmbdan41 Updated Win Projections

It's that time of week again! How are we feeling coming the beating of the AFC South's redheaded step child?
View Poll
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2021.10.17 23:11 hallsy0202 Looking for someone with knowledge of command blocks

It’s a bedrock realm. RP fantasy lore with clans, also a lot of solo players. I want to make a season two with a much better realm and I lack the knowledge of command blocks. Im wondering if anyone can help me set things up. Obviously you can play in it or join the mod team if that interests you.
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2021.10.17 23:11 Carius1 HELP with a minecraft server

Hey guys and girls, I plan on setting up a Minecraft server for about 15 people (on at the same time) and I have a few questions but firstly I would like to add some information,
- So I want to make two Minecraft worlds 1 with the pixelmon mod and another with RLcraft mod if I want to setup two different servers with 2 different mods will I need two computers or just 1 good computer?
- If I were to run both of these servers on 1 pc what would the pc specs need to be? I plan to invest about 600 give or take a few hundred to get this setup running, by specs I mean cpu w/- or without integrated graphics? will I need a separate gpu? what storage will I need?
I am pretty new to this so don't use words longer then 5 letters :(, jks
I mainly want a grounding and a place to start so any information helps
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2021.10.17 23:11 WoodpeckerMajor2303 Open relationship advice

So my partner and I have been in a relationship for about a year. When we first started dating they did disclose that they were poly and were currently dating 2 other people. Which didn't bother me because that was the situation we had agreed to. As things progressed the other 2 relationships ended up falling apart and we continued. Agreeing to be monogamous. Well in the last 2 weeks we agreed to open it back up citing lack of full sexual gratification on my partner's end and words of affirmation (read me not giving head and not having sex often enough.) so within a few days my partner had found someone they wanted to date ( a friend they had know for 2 year who is also poly) in this 2 weeks they have gone on 1 date and hung out 4 times and we have gone on maybe 2 dates and hung out a few times . Last night they went out on their first date with their new partner and things got more heated then we had agreed to and more then they claim to have intended (read making out and skin to skin contact no sex) oral was offered to my partner but they did turn it down. Now I am feeling a lack of trust and I feel cheated on. And don't know where to go from here what advice could reddit offer me
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2021.10.17 23:11 kvbagora Chelsea’s lion reimagined 🦁

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2021.10.17 23:11 humanpersonman123 Help does anyone remember these spider-man kids books?

When I was a kid I had this spider-man book where it wasn't a comic but it was a picture book. He had some friends who were children and he had to fight sandman and the lizard. They just have been released in the early or mid 2000s. I can't remember anything else about them but if someone has a link it'd be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.17 23:11 Lopsided_Range9197 Holy Diver

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2021.10.17 23:11 sackofgarbage ADOPTED KIDS BAD

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2021.10.17 23:11 Coollikeumee Covid testing for out of town individuals

We are visiting SF as Canadians for a few days.
Wondering if there are locations in the DT areas near Union Square that offer COVID testing (preferably free) for those who are not SF residents. We do have potential symptoms so we want to get that checked out.
I know you can book with the hospitals, but unsure if they are offered to non-residents or visitors who are not American. We also don't really have long-distance calling.

I took a look at the map already for COVID testing sites in SF but it is not super detailed and require calling to book or to get more info.

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2021.10.17 23:11 ANGRYlalocSOLDIE Community is really desperate. Why? People are begging dice to delay the game!!!

What you think? Biggest problems of this game? Positives and negatives? What you are hoping for? What would you like to change? Are you OK with in game: Mechanics, Guns, Gun play, UI, vehicles, destruction, cosmetics etc.?
Your hopes for DLC?
Let’s discuss bellow! And be bellow respectable. We are BTFLD Veterans! Be kind!
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2021.10.17 23:11 Mummyto4 Maximillan got bday wishes from our Pet Insurance 🥰

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2021.10.17 23:11 Novel-Ring6530 what time do the busses stop running today?

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2021.10.17 23:11 fishformula Progressive Democrats push Biden to advance plans for student loan forgiveness

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2021.10.17 23:11 OGCarnage You haven’t lost money if…

You haven’t sold, sit back relax. If you have some free capital buy the dip. It will help you average down. This coin has only been out for a year. I am not an original investor so I’m not up over 150+%. I’m currently down but I haven’t lost any money. Believe in the army we will get there our time will come.
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2021.10.17 23:11 telex_bot Alkoholos italokkal másfél milliárdnyi adót csaltak, most lebuktak

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2021.10.17 23:11 tusharsingh Trying to find a restaurant

Looking for assistance trying to find a restaurant.
In 2017 I recall eating at a restaurant that had some pretty fantastic hamburgers. However, I cannot recall the location aside from it being at an intersection.
They also had a watermelon drink as well as gluten free buns for their burgers.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.10.17 23:11 Masters_In_Bird_Law This rainy weekend in Michigan has been such a blessing for mushrooms

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2021.10.17 23:11 Junior_Impression740 This duo name is mother fucker

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2021.10.17 23:11 notmadtoday the mods should make a new subreddit r/xanaxchronicles

just funny storys/videos/images/memes of you or someone else doing retarded or funny shit in xanax or any other drug for that matter, it would be funny asf
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