2021.09.18 15:05 Flaky_Total_9156 Lol

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2021.09.18 15:05 Cachirruzxd Buenos días

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2021.09.18 15:05 ShortAlgo $GILD waiting for Short signal on GILD

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2021.09.18 15:05 siva-pc Tech YouTuber starter pack

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2021.09.18 15:05 MusicFanDj Oliwka Brazil - Big Mommy (Acapella)
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2021.09.18 15:05 afterglowsky Lord help our fandom

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2021.09.18 15:05 nialldude3 "$300 for doing nothing? I feel like such a crook." "Don’t worry. Gets easier every week."

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2021.09.18 15:05 Charming_Chemistry56 We need new Jellie Style like this.

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2021.09.18 15:05 ShortAlgo $AZN waiting for Buy signal on AZN

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2021.09.18 15:05 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Man hospitalized after shooting in Strip District | Pgh Post-Gazette

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2021.09.18 15:05 Dtrinnie 🍰Pumpcake🍰 Stealth Launch 🍰Listed On PancakeSwap 🍰 Liquidity locked

🍰Pumpcake🍰 Stealth Launch 🍰Listed On PancakeSwap 🍰 Liquidity locked 

Welcome to 🍰Pumpcake🍰

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🍰Slip 3%

🍰Contract : 0x3bc6a89fe56cf18aa0bb0adcbaf2f90bc5c4e334

TOKEN 🍰Pumpcake🍰 is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network.





• 📜 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:

- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch

- Total Supply: 100,000,000

- No dev wallet (Dev will also buy at start)

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- No dev wallet (Admins will also buy after launch and keep feeding the liquidity if it is necessary)

❤️ We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!

We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...💸
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2021.09.18 15:05 jncorp I just realized. There already was a huge Nintendo x Fortnite crossover already. Kevin the cube is from Nintendo GameCube. 🤔💭

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2021.09.18 15:05 Awkward-Let-4941

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2021.09.18 15:05 Exotic-Package420 Hi , just wondering if anyone has tips for keeping temps down, I’m currently reaching 32 Celsius!! In the daytime on some days . Pls help

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2021.09.18 15:05 hauntedhalloween_96 Shipping time?

Does Carmax consider the weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) when they ship the car? I couldn’t find any info about this online.
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2021.09.18 15:05 Old-Reception6565 I love Manchester Blues because they kick ass hello football fans from a fellow man blues fans from the country of India

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2021.09.18 15:05 the_queen_of_nada Roseanne's pregnancy and the kids in the later seasons

I have mentioned this before but Roseanne's attitude towards her family during her pregnancy scare in Season 3 has always bothered me. It's the only time for probably the first half of the series where I actually completely disagree with her, and to this day still side with 14 year old Darlene. Taking care of a baby should never have been something she would expect her kids to do. I believe that in all cases but Darlene and Becky especially already had a lot on their plates during this time and later with the bike shop.
Now I've been watching the episodes where she's pregnant with Jerry and she is just so awful. It's for laughs but I don't like the way Roseanne acts as if her pregnancy is a smite from God and not a result of her and Dan doing the deed. This is where she starts getting REALLY mean-spirited and over the top and Dan seems distant.
I just watched the season 8 episode where Becky and Darlene are supposed to be throwing Roseanne's baby shower. Darlene is kind of being a jerk but it all is in line with that episode from Season 3. Roseanne is making them do stuff for the baby, Darlene is resistant to it, and Becky is grudgingly helpful. But just the whole baby shower idea itself of it solely being about getting expensive gifts to return is just so that $400 crib was not in their budget and they could have found one elsewhere that wasn't so needlessly extravagant.
It almost seems misguided to even want a crib that expensive when they could barely afford the 3 kids they had and just had the power turned off a few years earlier.
It's also interesting that this dynamic between Becky and Darlene is exactly the same as you see now in the reboot era. Dan and Roseanne really have been mediating fights between them for like 40 years now.
I'm probably overthinking it all but this is the first time I have watched the later seasons for a couple years and I definitely have a different perspective now.
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2021.09.18 15:05 Hary1495 Last Ride

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2021.09.18 15:05 myblasphemouslife Thoughts on AI assisted learning

Lately I've been hunting down audiobook versions of the growing stack of books I own and keep adding to. My time and eye endurance is limited but my ears are largely free to absorb information. Especially at work when my hands and eyes are occupied but I'm trying to drown out external noise anyway. I think realistically it's the only way I'll ever be able to digest all the books i own (the golden bough anybody?? The fuckin bible? Atlas shrugged? 🤣)
So far librivox is a great resource.
Some of my more obscure books have no audiobook version though. For that I am using a simple ocr and tts software on android to manually scan the pages and listen to them later. It's time consuming and less natural sounding than I'd like but it's better than nothing. I also intend to try out blue leaf book scanning. Apparently they use advanced AI voice technology to create natural sounding audio, so I plan to check that out.
As I was doing all this I thought about Laveys obsession with AI. I don't know if he ever considered the benefits of AI programs that can read aloud physical book pages in a natural sounding manner to facilitate "study not worship". To me this is absolutely a great way to make use of AI. I suppose for some, advanced fuckbots are the pinnacle of AI technology lol. But for me if AI can help me maximize my learning and my time that's where I find it's value.
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2021.09.18 15:05 TheBatum Use matepad pro as a secondary screen for matebook amd 13

I've been trying to use the pc manager app on my matebook amd 13 to connect my matepad pro to it, but when I search for the device on the pc manager app my tablet doesn't show up. Bluetooth is activated on both devices, I run EMUI 11 on the tablet and have pc manager version 11. I can still connect my phone to my laptop, but not my tablet.
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2021.09.18 15:05 Andy___B Where is the best place to learn Python?

Im guessing its youtube but whats the best video for learning python (or youtuber)? And how long does it take to learn python? I have experience with html. Thank you
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2021.09.18 15:05 YaBoiIsSans123456 Flying Scotsman is 98 years + a few months old, cinders and ashes...

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2021.09.18 15:05 Initial-Sentence5268 I thought the bi flag came from the pH scale

That was last year. I was in my chemistry class and we were learning about the pH scale. I took a picture of someone else’s book since I didn’t have mine and noticed the pH scale in the book had the same colors, same shades, in the same order, as the bisexual flag. On the way home I thought about how the bisexual flag may come from the pH scale since both are kind of like spectrum. When I arrived home, I looked it up to see whether I was right and unfortunately, I wasn’t.
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2021.09.18 15:05 Parking-Bid5034 🌙SafeMoon Pro🌙 Fair Launch, Anti-whale mechanism, 100% Rug Proof. Get $Cake in Reward by simply holding Safemoon Pro.

SafeMoon Pro

Together we can change lives, It happens in dramatic, never-the-same-again ways. And in essential, life-is-a-little-better ways. We exist to change lives. But we couldn't do it without you – with every game you play, you make the world better.


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Contract : 0x0fe40b8d21acbb540f94881202b041907461cde3


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Life changing projects You help build local communities, power sports teams, save the environment, unleash creative talent, empower the elderly and unlock young potential. You're changing lives. Every part of the world gets reached, and with the community voting we can ensure it goes exactly where it's needed.
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2021.09.18 15:05 Progka So-called Dem ‘moderates’ sabotage Medicare power to bargain drug prices

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