Lick every inch, rate πŸ‘…

2021.09.18 14:56 Avasfeetish Lick every inch, rate πŸ‘…

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2021.09.18 14:56 impatient_undertaker Pure RoW run = awesome endgame ring and new Gold Collected record

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2021.09.18 14:56 Ammo_God Federal 38 Special 130gr (70) CPR

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2021.09.18 14:56 somnum_osseus Then you feel bad for thinking the guy was an axe murderer

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2021.09.18 14:56 urlocalbigtittywh0re The night I heard her

I'm May and I grew up in a small poor town where everyone knows everything especially the story of the singing girl and the one rule was if you heard her singing Ring around the Rosies DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES as she could be anywhere near you.
One of the interactions I've had with her was when I was 13 at home alone while my parent went down town I was up with a friend on the phone as we played games all night I heard a nosie of a familiar bell ringing but I couldn't figure out where I've heard it from after that I heard a dog whimpering and something getting dragged across the hard concrete outside it gave me a weird vibe but I continued to play with Jessica unit the nosie started to fade and out of nowhere the sound of heavy breathing next to my ear shot shivers down my spine which scared me a but me in a paralyzed state of fear I froze on the spot and heard a voice from Jess asking what was going on to scared to see what was breathing right next to me I waited for the sound to fade and with that the voice of a girl singing outside the window of my room shook me and all I could do was whisper "Jess someone is here" and with that she answered "Is it your sister?" I stopped to look at my phone and said to Jess " I don't have a sister" she confusing asked "On come on May I think everyone sees her in that beautiful white dress" and with that I couldn't get that thought of what she said so I said " I got to go" and ended the call watching the time slowly
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2021.09.18 14:56 kebel21 Reminder to document (video/photos) your trade ins before sending

I got hit with the "we did not receive the device for your trade in" issue. Chatted with a rep and shared the video in the chat, rep immediately said they will refund the charge. Hoping that solves it but without the video would have been screwed.
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2021.09.18 14:56 RheaRoyHunter [OC] Continuing the redesigns with Carapace. I'll do Rena Rouge next

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2021.09.18 14:56 Ammo_God Federal 38 Special 158gr (72) CPR

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2021.09.18 14:56 Mysterious_Bowl_9371 Look anything 0xc5Dfc2883e67696B8820cD46138BBD4A2D753a51

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2021.09.18 14:56 blue-moon-motel wld yall miss me if i died lol

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2021.09.18 14:56 mermaiddreamsss First time flying southwest. What are the changes of two people sitting together in boarding group A position 27 & 28?

Feeling anxiety about not being able to sit together. I purchased any time tickets with early bird but forgot to wake up 24 hours before to check in (woke up at 22 hours instead). Boarding group is A with Position 27 & 28 flying from Houston to Orlando FL.
Thank you.
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2021.09.18 14:56 PM_ME_STEAM_CODES__ Jungle Ornn Runes?

Recently picked up Ornn, and I was wondering what runes were best on him in the jungle? I normally go Grasp top but know that doesn't really work while jungling.
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2021.09.18 14:56 Ammo_God Magtech 38 Special 158gr (72) CPR

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2021.09.18 14:56 HippoWorldly That caitian from class 2409

What's the name of that caitian from the starfleet tutorial of starfleet academy 22409?
Want to make him as my bridge officer or try to recreate him.
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2021.09.18 14:56 LuminesPlayThing Support Raiden 12-3-1 5 second

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2021.09.18 14:56 arda3152 🍰 | CutieCakeSister/CakeSniper Fair Launch | Doxxed Dev | Website | Liquidity Locked | Ownership Renounced | Utility/MemeToken | CakeSniper Bot Coming Soon | 🍰

Welcome to all buyers, hodlers and whales, with outstanding pleasure we gift you cutiecakesister, a meme-coin, new emblem $cake worthwhile token.
Conserving cutiecakesister is the call of the game and the longer you maintain, the extra $cake tokens you will earn as a result! Five% mirrored image divided trought holders!
Dividends are paid more or less 60 mins after your first purchase, relying on transaction quantity! The minimal $ccs you need to keep, for you so that you can get the rewards is handiest two hundred,000 so try to get your cutiecakesister as early as you could to get the maximum $cake rewards!
Cutiecakesister will also be airdropped shortly! Be part of our network on telegram and find out how to participate for free!
We are imposing a sniper bot at the internet site so as to be usable for all holders (unidexbot version). For the first year it's going to only be usable for the binance smart chain. Later we are able to try to enforce different blockchains as well. The bot will permit you to sniper the tokens you prefer. We also are developing a fast buy and seller primarily based on synthetic intelligence, so that everybody can without problems earn at the rate changes of the maximum booted coins.
With a view to thank the complete community for this crazy participation we decided to arrange a shilling contest! End of the contest scheduled for september 18th. Bills can be determined slightly in a different way than you are used to. 🍰 You may discover extra information about the competition at the professional telegram organization.
🍰 | CutieCakeSister Supply | 🍰

🍰 | CutieCakeSister Tokenomics | 🍰
🍰 | CutieCakeSister Launch Info | 🍰
🍰 | CutieCakeSister Additional Info | 🍰
🍰 | CutieCakeSister Socials | 🍰
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2021.09.18 14:56 MLTHawk138 Skill Level Questions, from a gold player.

1) When you do consider a player good? What elo. (im not talking pro level)
2) What elo do you think is your dream elo to reach? (this is mainly for the lower elo players that sit at Gold 4 just for the rewards)
3) What elo do you think its actually worth giving friendly advice (not paid coaching)
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2021.09.18 14:56 jasmith63 New timer?

What's up with the new game timer that only some players are getting? Stressing some of my team. Posted on FB page too but it takes forever to get posts approved.
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2021.09.18 14:56 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-woody-allen-42

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2021.09.18 14:56 MyBFFJill201 Sunrise on Torch lake this morning 😍😍😍

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2021.09.18 14:56 TarotFaithKeeper Aries Sept BREAKING IT APART TO PUT IT BACK TOGETHER BETTER, MESSAGE Wee...

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2021.09.18 14:56 ChauntaeDoctoroff34 What would be great arguments for and against Berkeley's "esse est percipi"?

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2021.09.18 14:56 NyxxStorm Light through the elephants ear

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2021.09.18 14:56 anonymous6468 How exactly do companies work regarding immigration?

If I own a company in Germany for example, but if I then move to France. What happens to my German company? And what happens to its cash reserves and patents etc.? Is it different for sole proprietorship?
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2021.09.18 14:56 FlyingTurtleThe Does anyone want to be in a YouTube video I’m making?

the video’s about people on Reddit singing a song line by line, and all you would need to do is text back the song lyric I send you in DMs
Here’s an example of what the video will be like:
So comment if you want to be apart of it, I need 3 more people
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