Insects have been enjoying my plants and killing them. I've brought this insect killer and it comes diluted, in the reviews people have mentioned they used it on their plants. Is it safe for plants and should I dilute it further if necessary?

2021.09.18 15:36 omgitzmo Insects have been enjoying my plants and killing them. I've brought this insect killer and it comes diluted, in the reviews people have mentioned they used it on their plants. Is it safe for plants and should I dilute it further if necessary?

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2021.09.18 15:36 YouProblem_33 Depersonalize as fictional characters?

I am fairly new to my diagnosis of quiet BPD but I was curious to know if anyone else experiences this particular symptom:
I have ALWAYS had a huge active imagination and I always tend to take on the characteristics of whatever characters/TV show/movie I am actively into at the time. I will dress like them, act like them and often start new hobbies (like weightlifting) to emulate them. This has been a part of my personality for years and I will often do what I call "floating away" into the mindset of that character. The world kind of falls away and I find it hard to concentrate on anything but what that character thinks, acts like, feels etc. in certain situations. Sometimes this leads to interesting life choices (or bad ones).
Often, I find that I don't really know who I am because I spend so much time emulating fictional characters. As I've grown up I have kind of dialed it back for the sake of the rest of the world, but I will spend hours just thinking as if I am that cahracter.
Anyone else? Or is this my lonely spot on the planet? LOL
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2021.09.18 15:36 National_House7047 XRP Royale | Fair Launching Right Now! %6 XRP Rewards for every holder! Based Dev will be doxxed before launch!

Want XRP but can’t buy it? Centralized exchanges like Coinbase and aren’t selling XRP right now, so XRP Royale is one of the few ways to get it! Once XRP is available on exchanges again, it will EXPLODE, so you want to load up on it now.
Simply HOLD XRP Royale and you will be rewarded with $XRP tokens passively, every hour, sent directly to your wallet through our automated smart contract.
We have set ourselves the goal to make you successful in the crypto world πŸ’Ž
πŸ’be there and secure your place on the way to luxury. πŸ’
πŸ” Team is experienced and aims to make XRP Royale the best dividend yield paying token on the BSC realm!
πŸ“ˆ Huge marketing plan is being planned by the team.
πŸ’Έ All holders of XRP Royale tokens automatically receive $XRP tokens airdropped into their wallets every hour.
πŸ’Ž 6% XRP Rewards
πŸ’Ž 2% Liquidity Pool
πŸ’Ž 2% Marketing/Buybacks
Transaction Limits :
3% Max wallet
3% Max Buy
2% Max Sell
Contract Address: 0x788034dc202f717b0032aedbbf774fc195491cbb
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.18 15:36 imnotanormieiswear69 Touch input bug

So like the title says, if i press on the screen, the actual input seems to be a few milimeters to the right compared to where my finger actually presses the screen. Is there a known solution to this and has this happened to anyone else? I have a Xiaomi Poco F3
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2021.09.18 15:36 AlphaX Shudderwock is fine, no need to nerf

Shudderwock is fine, no need to nerf submitted by AlphaX to hearthstone [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 15:36 XxSolaricxX Had her for 6 weeks now! Pro, she loves to cuddle. Con, she nibbles on everything

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2021.09.18 15:36 Kyuubi-x_x- What is wrong with this company ! Status bugg & riven disposition dont make them if we cant use them clowns !

My main kuva weapon had 55.6 % status ! After fusing the last weapon to get it to 60% . it told. Me that the result is gonna be 60% status toxic , i confirmed by typing FUSE ! After the fuse it resets mij status to 31.0% what is that so i have Fused 7x the same weapon , I captured the lich & farm for it for days ! Now I am. Left with a garbage gun . that doesn't show any correct numbers or status it really says right now 31.0% it was not like this is was 55.6% ! After is had again the se weapon finish the mission , I went to FUSE it told me its gonna make it 60% status toxic ! Well after typing FUSE the status never went up stats are for clowns right now. In return I really low status number ! ? Can you explain why you let people grind for this 7x the lich same weapon to fuse ! But when fusing the status ain't giving the correct numbers I think must really disappointed you really wasted my time . not only that I wasted play for a god roll riven that I can't use at all ! Because someone in your company decides how we need to play how en what mods we can use ! They need to remove that person instantly from this company. Dont make rivens if you keep nerfing them disposition for riven mods needs to be removed any riven can be use god roll or not ! So far nobody can explain this why the status went back to 31.0% for who are we grinding ? & making the weapons strong if the FUSE system ain't really working I see other having the same weapon with 60% status on it + the elements they want on it ! I did the same thing right now just ago it shows me a status of 31.0% ! Like its telling me I never fuse a weapon inside that's what its telling me ! Total of 8 kuva lich has been fuse in the his weapon , really wasted my time . & plat & many more time because not many players doing the kuva missions clearly this company is dying !
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2021.09.18 15:36 COBisTIGHT [Reclaim] Gotta get back/Back to the past/Samurai Jack

Felt I needed to do this, rage against the dying of light.
Dunno how much, how far i will go, but lets see what happens for now.
And yes I'll be reclaiming house Swann.
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2021.09.18 15:36 HeadBuster636 HodL

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2021.09.18 15:36 Aviral_bajpai Naruto - Need To Be Strong Bass Cover (100th Youtube Video)

Hi all, this is my 100th youtube video, I chose narutos badass theme to be it, Need to be strong. It was a love at first listen when Rock Lee dropped the weights and levelled up.
Thank you all for all the support, please keep it up to help me level up. Love you all β€πŸ™ŒπŸ€Ÿ
Please drop a like, share the video, comment to share your views and subscribe to my channel if you have not, thank you 😊
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2021.09.18 15:36 CLKnDGGR North Jersey Paintball

Hey folks! I recently moved back to Jersey after 7 years. At that age where a lot of people have moved away or wouldn't be interested in playing. I've never been paintballing, but I recently bought a setup to play with. (I know. But it was cheap) I don't live far from Battle Creek, and I was wondering if any group would ever have me join them? I'd really love to go, but I would feel like a freak showing up alone.
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2021.09.18 15:36 Dangerous-Policy-602 Never knew he could bail out even with blood everywhere.

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2021.09.18 15:36 LemonyTech864 Who am I to judge

It starts with stretching. The whole body moves and untangles knots and joints and tension in the muscles. The forehead gets a bit warm, but not too warm to cause a downward spiral of thinking Covid is nesting in my blood. Just warmer circulation, I guess. Conversations get more interesting, too.
β€œHow big are those bombs?” I pointed at the tiny, rolled-rolled up pieces of toilet paper on the kitchen counter. β€œOh, I didn’t measure them out.” His teeth were grinding in the moments of silence. β€œJust judging it by the eye.” The guy seemed like a pro, and had teeth flattened enough to prove his track-record.
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2021.09.18 15:36 engimanalyst Desperately Need Prius Mechanic in Atlanta, GA Area ASAP!

Have an issue with my EVAP (gas tank) issue and having difficulty find a competent mechanic to fix the problem (cannot put gas in vehicle). Ozzi's Automotive, the closest shop nearby, replaced by blown engine with one that was stolen, so can't take it there.
Any help, recommendations, etc. would be appreciated! This has been an issue to for 3+ weeks and the Lyft bills are killing me.
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2021.09.18 15:36 punjabileaks Souleaked Twitter – Flooding of people on Twitter to watch Souleaked's videos

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2021.09.18 15:36 portalrbn Caxias defende vantagem e Lusa busca virada

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2021.09.18 15:36 Night_Man_ Royale of the Greats: North Andes Preliminary - Part 2

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2021.09.18 15:36 Fit-Bat4866 Tyler roasting Damon are some of my favourite moments in the later seasons

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2021.09.18 15:36 Throwaway293746KK Free Coaching from Master player

I’m currently doing some free sessions until dinner time for me, if you want to have a session right now add me on Discord
I’ll coach you through 1 game, and give you several tips afterwards, first few people to add me will be coached.
I Well, love coaching people and figured every so and often I’ll make a post on reddit for some free sessions.
Any normal jungler can be coached.
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2021.09.18 15:36 LIS4PIN Hardest track in game?

In your opinion, which is the hardest track in the game and why? Personally I'd say Bathurst because of the tight walls and the elevation changes.
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2021.09.18 15:36 quatzal14 Nurse Monika will help you now! (Kotohatoko510 on twitter)

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2021.09.18 15:36 hkdg26 #JusticeForBucky

Time for another Winter Soldier rework. Lol. I just think that he deserve some synergy with SA (or at least Captain Sam). After all, we'll eventually rank him up to 7* (ugh gold), upgrade to ISO-5, and gear him up until G14, since he's required for a Mythic Legendary. Not necessarily asking for a major rework, just some tweaks on his stats or kit will be fine. Just make him usable (I know he has synergy with Hydra but he's not even good there.)
On a side note, I think reducing the unlock to Kree (which will include Korath, Minnerva, Ronan, CM, and Phyla) instead of Kree Minions to Nick Fury will lessen the frustration of many players (I'm not necessarily upset since I already 5* him).
Again, #JusticeForBucky
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2021.09.18 15:36 Top_Location Market Snapshot: Inflation challenges stock-market underpinnings as investors look ahead to Fed meeting

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2021.09.18 15:36 retrotriforce Is there an armor that will stop monsters from One-shotting me?

I’ll craft and gather anything by this point I keep getting one-shotted by 7 star monsters.
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2021.09.18 15:36 tossxeraccount I can be fine and change literally nothing and then I'm not :(

Most of the time my poops are pretty hard and of the constipated variety , but i can change nothing in my diet and suddenly they become super soft and stinky!!! Maybe it's the pressure of applying for a job and college and starting to become independent but this is annoying, i just want to feel normal again and make my normal shits! I was dealing with this issue a while back if you look at my post history, and i thought i was better after taking herbal supplements for anxiety. Well that seems like it was a band aid, because I'm feeling like shit again despite taking them . I hate my intestines
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