ID please

2021.09.18 14:45 k13r ID please

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2021.09.18 14:45 RepresentativeAny709 Harry Potter workshops

I'm looking for Harry potter a year at Hogwarts workshop or scan of cards.
I would be grateful for any others HP workshops also :)
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2021.09.18 14:45 hastagam Sobre o Japão

Bom dia quero indicações de livros que falem sobre a origem, história e cultura japonesa. De cabo a rabo. Cansei da inércia, de amar uma cultura e saber tão pouco sobre a mesma. Quero compra hj algum livro a respeito me ajudem por favor. Livros sobre o folclore japonês tbm Obrigadoooooooo
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2021.09.18 14:45 Fit-Midnight-8398 Will Penisini try opportunity - Taken without the ball

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2021.09.18 14:45 anna_bo_bana My first ever top look!! What a treat to wale up to this morning :)

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2021.09.18 14:45 ObscuredHeroYT Obscure: The Forgotten PS2 Horror Game

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2021.09.18 14:45 alienccccombobreaker game where i can be the beta that i am and support alphas and be a side player simp

so as an example in overwatch i love playing mercy or any other healer class and just following some cracked alpha player and healing them while they 1v5 the whole team
i want something like that where i am just basically support or healer but still able to see the carries or alphas go ham in the frontline..
i know dota 2 and i cant play that game any more i am very bad and even as a heal support i just drag down my game so something simple like overwatch or other game where i can play the support healer role and not have too much weight on me just basically a nice to be here kind of helper
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2021.09.18 14:45 Moleman2112 Party Quirks suggestions

The boys have Niether confirmed there will be a party quirks 2 nor have they asked for suggestions but I recon we give them some anyway.
Aussie Osbourne - A true blue Aussie bloke who loves the footy , VB and hey hey. He's also the prince of darkness, star of reality TV and lead singer of the band black Sabbath.
Extra layer- He loves the back to the future films but does not know the words 'Time,past,present or future '
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2021.09.18 14:45 more_paradise 1636 and religious wars still active (can't finish with 5 year rule)

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2021.09.18 14:45 Nikolaidisss Anybody knows if these Pure money 4s from old chen are good?

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2021.09.18 14:45 Significant-Ad-2702 Pa up bote

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2021.09.18 14:45 yourdadlovesme69 I bought a crewneck that is reversible so I need advice

I know when I reverse my crewneck tags will be outside and visible.(obviously😂) So, should I cut tags if I plan to wear crewneck on the inner side ?
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2021.09.18 14:45 JezevecMartin Finaly arived 😩🐗❤️

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2021.09.18 14:45 chuey2001 Sized my lobes up to 00g this week. My ears being stretchy is an understated.

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2021.09.18 14:45 wesstew87 Tax filling without precious year

Can I file fed income tax for a year if the previous year has not been filed?
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2021.09.18 14:45 furkanthehun Listenin yarısı ülmüş

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2021.09.18 14:45 cagataycaaan That photo of four guys

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2021.09.18 14:45 Pinglaggette Any ideas? Central CT next to conifers. So pretty!

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2021.09.18 14:45 No_Requirement_9314 How Sweden become Communist can make the UK declare war on Iceland

How Sweden become Communist can make the UK declare war on Iceland
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2021.09.18 14:45 Common_Juice207 tttt

tttttest ^^ ^_^ ^__^ ^___^
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2021.09.18 14:45 TheSkyGamezz I'm so tired of this shit

My parents are Anti-Vaxxers and I just get so pissed off everytime I hear them talking about how "vaccines are bad". They don't know what the hell they're talking about listening to dumb pseudoscience bullshit and trying to force that shit on me. Today my dad said the vaccines makes you 'magnetic' and that metal can stick to you and stuff. I don't know what to make of that...
I have ONE year left in school and my dad told me that if my country makes vaccines for students mandatory, he'll make me leave school. Hell no bitch, I ain't gonna ruin my future because of your dumb ass beliefs.
My brother and I are the only ones in my house that don't believe in their crap. At least he took the vaccine since he's and adult and they can't enforce anything on him. I can't do the same.
Now there's one thing that they said that really grinds my gears. They said and I quote "even if the vaccine protects you, why the hell are you taking it? If god wants you to die then you'll die. Vaccines can't protect you from god."
I just can't wait till I move out of this place. Only a few years left.
Thanks for reading this, I just needed a place to vent.
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2021.09.18 14:45 realmarquinhos Worries about debt? Just don't, it's fine

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2021.09.18 14:45 MLBSTATSGUY 😞

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2021.09.18 14:45 Shacka_CentralYT What Is the funniest barnyard animal?

View Poll
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2021.09.18 14:45 heylookmatt Beautiful purple coral in Manistee Nat'l Forest, Michigan USA

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