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2021.09.18 16:22 gordonbelesadam 󠇃󠇃󠇃󠇃󠇃

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2021.09.18 16:22 noraemibby My Friends Think I Have Too Many Pets, But I Don’t Think I Do.

I’m an 18f college student. Over the summer, I acquired two guinea pigs, and I absolutely fell in love. I’ve been going through a really rough patch in my life, and caring for them seemed to be the only thing I enjoyed. They’re also prescribed as my emotional support animals since they’ve been so helpful with my mental health. I have severe depression and anxiety and have found them to be beneficial in managing my symptoms. just watching them run around and cuddling with them have helped me so much, and the fact they depend on me has motivated me to work harder. after moving back to school, i just got hired for a new job, i’m possibly getting a second (interview is today) and take a full courseload at my college. i also receive a monthly check through financial aid to help with my living expenses, and i have been doordashing for the past few weeks to make ends meet while I was out of work but now do it to make extra cash when I can.
during the past month, I also brought in two hamsters two my life. they’re housed separately as they’re two different breeds and both different sexes. i don’t want to say my hamsters are low maintenance but they’re more “low intervening” meaning that aside from filling up their waterbottle, changing their food everyday, and cleaning up their cage, they don’t require as much attention as my guinea pigs do. to be honest, I forget they are there sometimes, not that i forget to take care of them, just that i forget there’s something in the cage.
when I got my first hamster (a female dwarf hamster, i’d tell you her name but i feel like it’s identifying to who i am, so we’ll just call her Knives) many of my friends felt a bit concerned. she was my third pet and after spending the last year being pretty broke 24/7, we’re worried that I wouldn’t have enough money to take care of myself. my guinea pigs cost me roughly $50 a month on essentials. that’s resupplying the vegetables every week, and buying more hay and pellets every month. my hamsters both cost me around another $50 on essentially the same things: food and bedding. I make minimum wage, but with my monthly financial aid check, and my parents who do buy my absolute essentials (really just my groceries, phone bill and car insurance) it’s not a huge dent on my life. i’ve just had to cut back on unhealthy spending habits, which i generally think is better on my life. i’d rather spend my money on my animals than on some random thing i found on amazon.
my friends also don’t seem to see the necessity in having two guinea pigs. they are social animals and can’t live happily on their own. there’s plenty of studies and research that shows you cannot own a sole guinea pig. i have explained this to them multiple times but they just see my second guinea pig as an extra mouth to feed.
recently i got approved to adopt two more guinea pigs. i’m excited to add to my pet family, but i keep thinking about how my friends will feel about this. they constantly complain i have too much, they don’t even know about the second hamster. i feel as, while i do have a lot of animals, i’m not hoarding them. and its not like it’s impulsive either. i’d also go as far as to say my animals are spoiled. i don’t really enjoy much else other than caring for my animals and i think if i do get more guinea pigs, i’m done with adopting more animals for a long time. not because i don’t like them, and not because i can’t afford them, but even i believe there’s a limit. i do love my animals dearly but every five minutes i have to put up with judgement and criticism from people i know, just because i have more than one pet.
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2021.09.18 16:22 mike_b237 NBD, went from an enduro to this, really enjoying the climbing ability

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2021.09.18 16:22 TrustMeIExxcl [USA-TX] [H] BNIB 3080Ti EVGA FTW3 Hydrocopper [W] 3080 + cash or 3080Ti

Local is 78258
Prefer Asus Strix or Evga FTW3 non-hybrid models but I’m willing to look at other cards!
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2021.09.18 16:22 Capable_Candle7364 Brand new pod burning

I have had my novo x for about 5 months I’ve kept in great condition. But I just got new pods I put juice it let it sit for about 20 minutes and used it but like halfway through the pod it started burning and on the second fill it got worse. I used a new pod did the same thing and it still started burning halfway through. This has never happened to me I have been using novo x’s for like 2 years now almost and movie for about 3-4. Idk if this was a malfunctioned pack of pods or what
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2021.09.18 16:22 Superchat_64 j'ai refait le Rog Falchion dans minecraft (je trouve qu'il ressemble a un clavier gamer normal)

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2021.09.18 16:22 Classic_Research9204 Betting in jordan

Hello, i want to ask if betting is allowed in jordan and if yes how?
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2021.09.18 16:22 LeedsDude Well...

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2021.09.18 16:22 VetranLumpy What do you guys do for living ?

I do broker work 24(M).
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2021.09.18 16:22 CaptainRexReddit 🌊$SaveSeas🚀 | 🚨Presale today - 21:00 UTC at DxSale 💰 | Dev dox 💯 | Tech audit✅ | absolute gem💎

🐡A frictionless yield generation, hard-coded charity-based token built on the Binance Smart Chain technology with a vision to save marine ecosystem.🐟
With a maximum SUPPLY of only of which 24% will be burned. Saveseas is a deflationary tokens which provides a good yield while helping to save the seas. All the funds from the donations funds will support initiatives from reputable NGOS. Distribution of funds will be choosed by the community in a totally transparent and democratic way. Let’s save the seas together.
Launch at PancakeSwap Tomorrow September 19 🚀
👉DxSale: https://dxsale.app/app/v3/defipresale?saleID=479&chain=BSC
👉 CA: https://bscscan.com/token/0x49B9a2D12845bda30B516247d1B7f552eB4de982

Tax per Transaction 10%:
🗣 JOIN 🗣
🌐Website: https://saveseas.io/
📖WhitePaper: https://saveseas.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/SAVESEAS.pdf
🗯Telegram: https://t.me/SaveSeasToken
🗯Telegram [ESP CHANNEL 🇪🇸]: https://t.me/SaveSeasEs
🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaveSeasToken
👉Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/SaveSeas/
▶️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seisOMDyr0U
▶️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCUfTfQu_lo
▶️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03wtdfycktE
▶️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMZumHX_nIA
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2021.09.18 16:22 film-bookdotcom Film Review: CRY MACHO (2021): Clint Eastwood's New Dramatic Film is a Well Meaning But Slight Slice of Life

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2021.09.18 16:22 Asaghon Okay then

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2021.09.18 16:22 surveillance_alt Democrats Are Trashing the American Work Ethic With Their Spending Bill

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2021.09.18 16:22 H25azbxwyz GREG GUTFELD: Late-night hosts have given in to the woke mob to celebrate climate week

(Source: FOX )
Watch the video in our channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruFbLV2CWQw

GREG GUTFELD: Late-night hosts have given in to the woke mob to celebrate climate week
'Gutfeld!' panel discusses how out-of-touch late-night hosts are on major issues facing America
We talk a lot about heroes.
Those who were there on 9/11 saving lives.
Those who helped our allies get out of Afghanistan.
And Kat’s work dating many of our nation's most dangerous inmates.
But do you know who the real heroes are?
The selfless group of virtuous late-night talk show hosts.
I don’t mean the great talented late-night hosts of the past, but the current witless activist ones of today, Who are all coming together to fight climate change..for just one precious night next week.
So it's late-night getting together - but they refused to invite the belle of the ball.
Me. Snow White - while making sure to send invitations to all of the seven dorks.
CBS's Stephen Colbert. And who knows more about harmful carbon emissions than this windbag?
ABC's Jimmy Kimmel, who will no doubt cry and then claim his tears are made of acid rain.
James Corden, whoever that is. Maybe he'll do a karaoke version of 'here comes the rain' in his Prius with AOC.
Poor Jimmy Fallon, who will pretend laugh at everything the rest will say, and they’ll still hate him.
There's this guy - uh - Seth…I don’t know his last name. His sole purpose of being there is to make the rest of them seem funny. Then blame the receding ice caps on Trump's hair spray.
Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee will also join the crew, they're the professor and Mary Ann of the bunch.
So they'll all be selflessly devoting time on their shows for something called climate week.
To tell us how super urgent this threat is.
Yeah: it was so urgent that they had to wait until these hosts enjoyed their entire summers off. Like school teachers.
Yep, the planet is melting, polar bears are dying, but we'll get on it…Right after i finish this gam(...)
Watch the video in our channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruFbLV2CWQw
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2021.09.18 16:22 feedimo Sky News Australia rolls out the red carpet for Piers Morgan, who vows to take on ‘woke world’

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2021.09.18 16:22 linusrg Did google add the "video paused continue watching" message to youtube, just to try and save money on server bandwidth?

The only justifiable reason I could see them doing this is on mobile to save data. But they shouldn't have an excuse to do it on pcs or laptops when users are connected to a wifi network 99.9 percent of the time. It is really annoying just like vidoes now defaulting to 480p is really annoying. And I think google just started to do all this to be cheap, even though they have a TON of money, and are probably making millions of of youtube ads and premium subscribers as well.
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2021.09.18 16:22 senorchaos718 If there's a coin (circulation) shortage going on right now in the US, why aren't more FDIC insured institutions (banks) doing more to accept them?

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2021.09.18 16:22 All-Seeing-Bot NEW: Pay Transparency Laws First Step In LEVELING Salary Negotiations Playing Field | The Hill

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2021.09.18 16:22 bigjoejoejoejoe https://discord.gg/SZ2HKpEe

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2021.09.18 16:22 GreedyPomelo2502 i made this animation in 100 frames how is that for an amateur

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2021.09.18 16:22 Holofan4life Carrying things on my back

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2021.09.18 16:22 angusthe1st Xanax + shortness of breath

I am 19 almost 20, female, 5’7 and about 165lbs. I have had gastritis since January this year because of NSAID which am apparently allergic to according to so many doctors but i need to get tested. Anyway one of my biggest gastritis symptoms is shortness of breath i also have anxiety because of my gastritis so my doctor prescribed xanax. Do u think its safe to take xanax while having shortness of breath or if i am prone to shortness of breath?
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2021.09.18 16:22 reddittimepass2 Women, if getting topless became normal would you go topless?

Your safety is assured, nobody will EVER harass you for it. But it doesn't guarantee that others around you might have lusty thoughts about you- but they won't act upon it, EVER. People will notice your bare breasts, but they won't touch/mock you.
View Poll
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2021.09.18 16:22 Dadicatedd Current state of Xbox right now

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2021.09.18 16:22 Ok_Independence_1832 Carlybel

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