You'd expect microsoft to be able to generate tables with consistent row spacing

2021.09.18 14:48 Xetirain You'd expect microsoft to be able to generate tables with consistent row spacing

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2021.09.18 14:48 Ezekiel_Lewis_McMyre Overcame the temptation to drink socially

Want to start out by saying thanks again everyone for just being here as a community. I think about you guys all the time. I read the posts and comments and am so grateful I found this place full of supportive yet realistic as fuck people with the same mindset.
I posted last Friday about how I was able to overcome the temptation to drink alone. Last night, I was able to overcome the temptation to drink with friends. I went to an outdoor concert with two buddies from college. It started out okay even with my one friend making a beeline for the beer tent when we got there (something I definitely would've done while I was still drinking). I got a water, some food and a Mountain Dew and I was good to go especially because my other friend didn't get a drink.
After eating I went to the bathroom; when I came out, both my friends had beers in their hands. I don't think I've ever felt as much temptation as I did in that moment. It just looked so enjoyable and I wanted nothing more than to sit and chill out and have some drinks with my old friends. But I told myself I knew where it would lead to; I had already taken responsibility for driving my friends home after the show; I'd told my partner I wasn't going to drink before I left our apartment and I would feel like shit if I didn't keep my word.
So I ended up getting a Hawaiian shaved ice instead. The temptation passed. My one friend ended up having like 8-9 drinks lol but after I got over that initial temptation, the rest of the night was so easy. My other friend stayed at one drink and we all really enjoyed the concert. Even though I pigged out on food when I got home and feel kinda sick this morning, at least it's not a hangover and I'm feeling proud ngl.
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2021.09.18 14:48 StillNotWeirDanuff Setlist thread shenanigans

Thought you’d get a kick out of this…some of you may remember my check in yesterday (freehold, bong hits of Sour Dream, Calling Dancin to open). Well, I sit down on the couch, load up the stream (thx Knob!!) and see weather delay. Ok cool. Another bong hit, sweet. Thing is, I completely forgot about the 50mg gummy I had consumed about 2 hours beforehand. Boom. I’m on another planet. Come to in a haze on the couch, and how about that, they are just starting the show, at 10pm EST!? And look at that, I called the Dancin opener. They’re now into Playin and I’m just grooving…Into Scarlet? Now Deal? Into Fire? What kind of 1st set is this!?!?!? Figured it out from there 🤩😂. See ya tonight ❤️⚡️
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2021.09.18 14:48 Kingflares Lawyers of Reddit, what is the worst client you had to defend?

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2021.09.18 14:48 Rex37677 Ghost Azrael

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2021.09.18 14:48 xMatryks (XB1) H: Treasure Hunter Plans W: Caps

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2021.09.18 14:48 Curvedalpha An epic kill that i got. phase main forever

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2021.09.18 14:48 JoJosapiens The covers of last month's Ultra Jump, JoJolion chapter 110 and JoJolion volume 27 have a matching aesthetic.

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2021.09.18 14:48 Above-Majestic1776 Unpopular Opinion: Satoshi Nakamoto is the NSA!

First off i have invested in bitcoin. The philosophy of bitcoin is something i subscribe to and believe is important. In terms of economic freedom and technologically supported individual and global prosperity. I'm also not a believer in unfettered centralized authority. Bitcoin by nature appeals to me on many levels.
The news (Project UnCel Sam) of clandestine NSA involvement in crypto technologies and revelations of their massive budget and willingness to go to monumental efforts to control information online has me irked. The NSA is very much in control of the internet and by default very much in control of the economy. This is not something they had to catch up with, but rather something they have been working on from the first days of the internet. They exist as an arm of control of the central banks.
Who the hell is Satoshi? I really want to believe in the matrixess fantasy of his identity.. or lack thereof. How our Savior developed something that offered us a tool that empowered us out of his own allegiance to a greater purpose. But man is it starting to stink like fish around here.
Oh ye of little faith.. I know. But if i was the NSA i couldn't come up with a better system of economic control then what has unfolded in the last number of years. With faith in the centralized nature of our currency and system of economics eroding... something like bitcoin is a natural evolution. It's something that may have been dreamed up by those with the most insight into technology, cryptography, economics and money. Could be a guy like Satoshi or the NSA. Unfortunately we don't really know who Satoshi is with any real certainty.
Something like bitcoin could be a threat to central banks or it could be a savior depending on their actual involvement.
Imagine a system that is completely global who's earliest adopters are people with the same beliefs as myself? A system of currency that goes beyond first world central bank currencies into every country rooting itself outside the control of national banks or sovereign authority.
As usual, for some, centralized control is seen as a great thing. Brings credibility and adoption. But ultimately, if the NSA has control over bitcoin we are literally entering into a new world of economic control beyond anything imagined. Biblical.
I am so sick of the control. The domination. Lack of freedom. Lack of choices. The more i think about it the more likely it is that bitcoin is not what is seems or will very likely not become what many hoped. Rather it will over time overshadow any current centralized currency, become a one world currency that is under the control of the very people who control the economy right now. It's very likely contrived and created by central banks. Duh.. i guess.
This is good news for those that want to see it "succeed". And bad for those that understand that kind of success is not really success at all. It's next level economic domination on a global scale.
Look at the evolution of the internet. If you've been around for a long time the metamorphosis from grass roots, wild west to Big Brother is utterly frightening. Especially when you realize the perception of a natural evolution is completely contrived. It was made for the express purpose we see it being used for today.
I see bitcoin exactly the same way. Grassroots, wild west freedom. This naturally fuels adoption. If bitcoin follows along the contrived evolution of the internet..
Ok how does one make money with it? If it is contrived and controlled then be prepared for continual shake outs. Watch as people lose their shirt either by their btc disappearing or unbearable swings in value. There are so many ways the price of btc can be controlled with the express purpose of emptying the pockets of mavericks and those who oppose authority. SOOOO many. For one they may literally be able to take it away from you and say they didn't.
Oh well. I'll hold what I've got because long term bitcoin is the one world currency. Along that bumpy road early adopters may be wiped out by design. False flag it's security to role out the next "safer" encryption method. Centralized banks want a purely digital currency that is tied to your biometric data.
(TL;DR the NSA/Central bank(s) has created bitcoin and are fueling it's adoption the same way they did with the internet. Your money, your work, your credibility and it's all contrived like the internet itself.)
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2021.09.18 14:48 singhsimperfection Need guidance to land onto my first internship project.

I have just completed my MBA & after waiting for 5 month’s I’ve got a small assignment to get selected as intern for the company. But assignment seems quite tough for me as before this I have never done such work, I request you people to please guide me to get selected as intern.
-The company is an investment company & they have asked me define content plan to integrate with a YouTuber who talks about social issue in country. :what will be the premise of video? :how will you integrate product in the video & for how long?
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2021.09.18 14:48 annarchisst OC is finite.

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2021.09.18 14:48 One_Giant_Nostril Petrified Tree by Daniel Dociu

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2021.09.18 14:48 Snappthe1st 1956 bel air Blue flame six advice

I have a blue flame six from a 1956 Bel air I am going to rebuild soon, It states in the owners Manuel that it is recommended it uses Premium, what was the octane rating of Premium Gas in 1956? I understand gas back then was leaded which made octane levels much higher, a response would be appreciated thank you. - Snappthe1st
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2021.09.18 14:48 trippypees End/Post game ?

I don't really like watching "let's play" videos so I was wondering if game has anything in store like that (other than some early side quests that are meant to be finished later) ?
I just got last party member and I kinda get feeling that the game is kinda short for an RPG but it just might be me!
I mean so far it was all like...go to a new city, be problem solver, get a new buddy, move on, one or two areas in between, new city, rinse and repeat...
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2021.09.18 14:48 Proud_Combination623 Welcome to Moonside

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2021.09.18 14:48 ANerden I think they got something wrong…

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2021.09.18 14:48 LeFantom Babul Supriyo joins TMC. Khela chahiye tha, elections ke baad ho bhi gaya. Lmao.

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2021.09.18 14:48 hypnodrop The Judge Has Returned: Dracula Is Dead Come Work For Us

I sit at my desk where I share a room with The Judge and his girlfriend Dahlia. It is my job to protect the gifted until they are "woke" enough to protect themselves. Some of you may call us "spirit guides", but I am not a spirit. I can walk, talk, and move just like you; a human. As we are all humans once you take away the extended memories and special powers. I greet you with the eternal vibrations of peace and enlightenment! You may call me Darius or The Clerk. I have a lot to say and a short time to say it. I am looking for a Master Hunter here in the U.S. to help myself and The Judge with a case. I know a lot of people who are afraid so we thought we'd advertise our intentions with some good news! We've just had a big victory to demonstrate what we have accomplished so other powerful beings may be inspired to help, but be warned! Please do not approach these beings head on. They have stolen powerful methods of mind control and they have turned good people who just wanted to help me and my team defeat them.
We have all the briefing information you need, but you must undergo a thorough interview and micro interrogation first. Usually the judge does not do help but he has died more times than Jesus for humanity and he is tired of the lost times with his family. That being said fellow beings, we need your help as well. You do not have to be a hunter. But first let us give you and idea of what we know thus far:
Long before time, there was an archangel named Daniel. He taught humanity how to communicate and he even had worshippers. Whom he really couldn't accept because he was not God. He was just a promoted angel. Until the Creator called him forth and gave him power. He called him The Judge. Giving him the power to decide your fate and mine when we die and where we go. Well somewhere between then and now we have ran into some difficulties that everyone thinks is a myth. Just like they think we all are myths. I guess it is just easier to believe that the world is all sunshine and rainbows. As much as I wish that were true I have some bad news for you my friends. But I hope you will learn a lot from this tale. I hope it helps you and your children grow and become a better form that the Creator made us all for and that you see, even the divine can make a mistake or two. As you can probably guess vampires are not as powerful as the gods and goddesses. It's not about there strength. It's what they know. They live for far too long and they simply do not respect their place in the ladder of superiority. We will deal with them accordingly. A lot of people do not know but vampires we are dealing with is the hybrids. Vampire mixed with witch or demon or werewolf, or hell; all of the above. They have made witchcraft a very present tool in there intentions to take over the world. And if that doesn't scare you there are beings who control them more easily than that! They enslave vampires, and vampire hybrids alike and you would literally never see them coming. Just to confirm the apocalypse is here and has been for 2,000 years. Sit back, grab a drink with myself and the good doctor.
It's going to be a long ride.
"Daniel!" sang a voice from his girlfriend lying next to him at his usual time of 5 a.m. He'd just spoken with Athena a few hours ago to receive his new mission through his medium girlfriend, but he was really getting tired of random visits. "Who's that?" No response. He didn't want to risk waking Dahlia so he said nothing else as he got up to start his day. He'd went to the rest room to do his routine release when a being popped up a few inches from him. "Oh, snap!" he almost shrieked.
Before him was a beautiful woman, slightly buff and cloaked in an all white robe. A fluorescent glow touched her skin and all white teeth shown in a sheepish smile and a giggle. Daniel took a breath and relaxed. "Got dammit, Athena." He lightly admonished.
"Sorry, Daddy. Did you sleep well?"
"Three solid hours." He said sarcastically. Turning to the Goddess of Warfare and Craft, trying not to kiss her. Athena was a sight to be seen. A tall tank of fresh divine air and summer spring water. And the white she wore only intensified her appearance, but do not let it fool you. Athena was not one to cross. Even the God of War wet his war boots over her. It's not the men who protect us. Trust me on that.
"Was that you calling me just now through Dahlia?"
"No." She said plainly and without alarm. Daniel just chalked it up to another groupie and decided to get to the purpose of her visit. "What's up?" He asked. "The gods are being controlled and we need your help. These religions are very illegal and very dangerous."
"Does that mean you have been under control too?"
"Yes." She said plainly.
"Why do I have to stop them, isn't that the Creators job?"
"No. It's The Judge's job. And the Creator has been brainwashed as well."
"Well that explains a lot."
All of a sudden Daniel noticed her eyes glaze over and she disappeared without an explanation and grimaced almost as if in pain. She must have said something she wasn't supposed to. At least that how it goes from my experience.
Sometimes Daniel was a bit too care free for a lot of things. It was another thing he put in the back of his mind but he wouldn't forget and would use what he saw at a later time. Athena would never stay long and never said much. This has been an ongoing thing ever since he'd first called her. At first he couldn't believe it was her. He was just like the most of humanity. And that is one of the reasons why the bad guys have won for so long. Brainwashing our daughters to choose them and die for them over and over in a constant time loop. Daniel does not know of this yet. But he would learn in time, that even his daughters would suffer the same fate. With great power comes great responsibility as they say... and he has a lot of great power.
I think it is here where I will say when you want to help us come to us first. These beings are not smart at all. I think everyone knows that much but they have stolen The Judge's intellectual property. It makes them confident and it makes them bold. That alone makes them a threat. They have already taken down and flipped Hydra, Hecate; the Goddess of Witchcraft, and even the freaking Boogey Man. Yes, the Boogey Man. Who controls the Slender Man himself, who controlled the Judge into killing his own son last life time in Atlanta one-hundred years ago. Again if these people have tricked God and The Judge what they have of mine is not to be underestimated. Come to us first! I want to apologize to all the demons who have tried to help us. We would love your help to and know you are all tired of being controlled. We appreciate any and all information you can give us about these things causing havoc on our home, planet Earth. We've only got one chance. The Creator is saved and is helping as best as he can. Have no fear. Dracula is dead and we need help breaking the ritualistic curse he has put on the Judges daughter.
Feel free to reach out to us here on Reddit. We are always watching for new information. The task is almost complete. Please help us do the right thing. And forgive my grammatical errors, but it is petty considering the fate of the world. WWIII is Armageddon. It is the judges job to stop it or it will mean enslavement for all mankind. Except this time your pigment will not save you. They are going to enslave everyone. Do not blame the Creator. His patience is wearing thin and to be fair he has waited a very long time. Let's show him that we can be who he made us to be. My name is Darius, The Clerk, and we humbly ask for your help. This is not a game. Keep your loved ones close, forgive your enemies amongst your own kind. We will need all the numbers we can handle. I leave you with the great vibrations of peace and enlightenment. May The Creator protect us all. Part two will be up soon and it will not be by me, rather the Legend himself. Killing Dracula is his story to tell, but I'll say this much when he was dragged to the abyss by the Great Angel of The Abyss himself he cried out to a woman for rescue.
Evil wins because they know the population is craving for the good in people. he mocks the hero. Pretending to be a savor just to quench your thirsts and drags you all the way down to Texas and leaves you stranded in the desert again.
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2021.09.18 14:48 pinkpuff0610 [H] $10x7 panera bread gc [W] 75% paypal/wise

Comment first before pming
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2021.09.18 14:48 Emi-jones93 Desperate for attention! 😅

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2021.09.18 14:48 u_suck_at_school Rate 1-10 im that really good in building

Rate 1-10 im that really good in building
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2021.09.18 14:48 PromotionGoddess Join r/YouTubePromotion!

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2021.09.18 14:48 _sotaru Takeshi Wakatsuki The Wild Tiger coloring from ch. 126 by me

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2021.09.18 14:48 sellinginscw CHS SUCKS

8/26 quit weed 9/7 quit nic vape.. Emotional ASSHOLE.... was taking a shower when soap all over shampoo in hair when tub spout broke spraying water all over the fucking bathroom at 3am... So i FINALLY get un soaped get out and had a SEVERE flare(never EVER puke) i get SEVERE hot FLASH ears burn temp feels like 100°+ but take temp 97.9 pouring sweat if S U C K S.. THIS SHIT BETTER PASS I was really wanted to fire up a bowl to settle the stress which triggered chs..but didnt.. Ate pasta for dinner and guts are fubar so either still inflamed from chs attack(anxiety) or pasta is a trigger food.. Waiting till 8am when Ace opens thank God it was just tub spout thought pipe broke in wall... So had a stress anxiety attack for something simple... So these uncontrolled emotions along with nightmares VIVID bad ones that i wake up Like clockwork every 2 hours not figuring them out in total sweat thru sheets B L O W S... 35+ YEAR TOKER TURNING 50 IN FEB..
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2021.09.18 14:48 elch3w 3 hours later...

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